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Power Electronic Circuit Design, Layout and Packaging

AAG understands that the motor drive is only part of the function of your products or equipment. Most of the motor drives must be integrated into your control systems. However, when interfacing with a motor drive, you are immediately faced with special issues such as high current, high voltage, high frequency switching, EMI, power grounding schemes as well as safety regulations, etc. AAG‘s team of power electronic specialists is ready to help you, whether you are designing a new product, upgrading an existing product, or retrofitting an application. We offer services to assist you by designing and customizing a motor controller for your application, or by interfacing our motor controller products into your systems. Our expertise in packaging power electronic circuits will ensure that the layout and packaging of the motor drive portion is done professionally and you will not be left alone to deal with the complex nature of a power electronic circuit. You will be able to focus on your system level functionality while we assist you in the specialized power circuit design, PCB layout, PCB assembly, and electronic packaging.

Build-to-Print (BTP) Power Electronic Assembly

When you are ready to produce your electronic controllers with integrated motor drives, the nature of the high voltage and high current present in power electronics will call for specialized skills during the manufacturing and quality assurance processes. AAG will be able to manufacture your special power electronic integrated products for you. Our team of manufacturing experts will be able to purchase the electronic components in high volume to reduce your manufacturing costs. Moreover, our electronic manufacturing uses the J-Standard and guarantees the best soldering quality. All of our factories utilize ICT, optical inspection machines and the latest SMT machines including FUJI XP143, XP243 and Panasonic high speed placer machines for the best quality assurance. We also design special test fixtures for load and burn-in tests. These factors collectively translate to reliable, motor-drive-based control products on your end. We guarantee quality workmanship for one full year. Best of all, our fast turnaround is unheard of in industry: we can deliver your product in less than 2 weeks from the time the PO has been received. Try us out—I guarantee you will be completely satisfied.

Built-to-Print (BTP) Electric Motor Manufacturing

When you are ready for volume production of the electric motors, AAG is ready to help produce your motor at a large scale. Our state-of-the-art motor manufacturing facilities in Harbin are the most advanced by any standard in the world. With proven guarantees on quality as well as customers from the largest fortune 500 companies in the world already sourcing from Harbin, AAG is ready to deliver its motor manufacturing service to meet even your most challenging application requirements.

Electric Motor Electromagnetic Design

AAG offers electromagnetic motor design services for all type of motors. This includes AC, DC, brushless DC and synchronous motors of both linear and rotary types. Our design results include optimal pole and slot selection, flux distribution, with optimization for torque ripple, or power density. We guarantee our design performance is within +/-10 % variation from the actual build, or our service is free.

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