AAG offers both standard and customized motor drives/controllers and electrical motors to meet various application needs. The drive and motor input voltage ranges from 6-100V DC or 110-480V single or three phase AC voltages. AAG electrical motor drives are capable of controlling induction, PM brushless and PM synchronous motors with power ratings up to 10HP. AAG supplies to local customers with motors designed and manufactured by its parent company Harbin which offers customization and volume production of specialty motors in both linear and rotary forms.

AAG drives provide precise control over motor speed, torque or position based on the Hall, encoder or resolver position sensor interface. They can be configured to receive commands from CAN buses, digital IO or analog IO for easy integration with customer products and systems. All AAG drives offer reliable designs built with extensive protections against position sensor failure, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuits.

Advantages AAG Drives

1. Specialized in Real-time Distributed Control Systems

AAG excel with drives made for real-time distributed control systems. The controllers offer high speed CAN bus and RS485 communication to provide real-time distributed control environment. They receive real-time command and provide real-time feedback of motor position, speed and current as well as other diagnostic information. Those drives can be used in industrial automation including material handling, process control and robotic arms where they allow motors to be controlled directly by a PC without needing to use a PLC

2. Pre-configurable for Customer Applications

AAG design and engineer all its controllers locally in USA and offers customization or preconfiguration to meet your requirement. All controllers can be preconfigured for customers and therefore requires little or no customer end programming or configuration. Customers do not have to pay for the overhead of extra functions in general purpose drives and also save the time needed to learn to program and configure a complex general purpose drive.

3. State of the Art Drive Technology

AAG drives are designed and engineered by a team of leading experts in power electronics and motor controls. They reflect the latest technological developments available in the field. For example, all drives are designed with the latest high speed digital signal processors. Some of the drives utilize a single DC bus current sensor to sense three phase motor currents and others require no position sensor feedback for reliable operation. Also, AAG drives are designed for EMC compliance and will be able to offer the lowest possible interference to help our customer. It offers the highest reliability by using the lowest device count. All of this works to advance our customers’ products.

4. Quality with competitive cost advantage

In addition, AAG manufactures its motor drives in its IATF16949 certified factory in China. We use the same J-Standard to control the quality of electronic assembly and all drives are 100% functional and load tested. This maintains the highest quality standard of major brand controllers, while offering cost savings compared to other types of industrial drives. This leads to production cost savings for our customers.

5. Customer support and Warranty

AAG offers technical support for customer installation. In addition to preconfiguring drives to meet application requirements, AAG provides design services to integrate its drives for customer applications. Customers can rely on our expertise to guarantee a flawless integration of our drives in their products and systems. Our services include layout design, high power packaging and mitigation of EMI or other interference. Therefore, AAG drives are able to meet any customer’s requirements, so they are perfect for retrofitting or replacing old or standard drives. We back our drives with a standard one year warranty and extended warranty is available.

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